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At Hoyo Hoyo Safari Lodge, we are pride ourselves in providing an authentically African luxury experience, surrounded by the untouched spans of Africa’s legendary heritage site. In the time of Covid-19, the longing for freedom, authenticity, and the purity of nature has never been stronger. Our Exclusive Lodge Use Offer provides an intimate, tailored experience meant to be shared amongst your trusted circle in an unparalleled setting. Experience 10,000 hectares of pristine wilderness, within the heart of the iconic Kruger National Park, all to yourself, and indulge in our incomparable Tsonga hospitality.

Covid-19 has unquestionably changed the way that we want to travel. After almost five months of lockdown, where many of us have been stuck within the confines of artificial structures and the racket of city life, the longing for authenticity, freedom, and the serenity of nature has never been more palpable.  At Hoyo Hoyo, we have positively welcomed this reality to provide our guests with an elevated experience that is profoundly rooted in human understanding, wellness, and the surrounding landscapes.

Our Exclusive Lodge Use offering embodies where we come from, and what makes our home so exceptional.

The African bush with its natural distancing, endless horizons, and boundless skies, has always been ready for this occasion. We strive to be the connection between you and the natural world in a luxurious setting that allows for you to reinvigorate yourself, revive your bonds with your loved ones, and yield to the therapeutic powers of nature inside one of South Africa’s crown jewels. Surrender to the generous spirit of Ubuntu, the warmth of African hospitality, and the genuineness of a simpler way of life.

Our six distinctive Tsonga rondavels embrace who we are and how we have shaped this land

The unique architecture of the circular Tsonga rondavels chronicles the history that we have always had with the surrounding wilderness. We have ensured that there are no barriers between you and the unspoiled depths of the Kruger National Park from all sides. Each one of our six luxury suites boasts breath-taking views of the Mluwati riverbed as well as the wildlife that surrounds the lodge throughout the day. Whether you are taking a leisurely shower in the open air, soaking in your spacious stone bath, or pampering yourself with one our bespoke wellness treatments in the seclusion of your private deck, we have ensured that you will always be at one with the environment.

There is often a misconception that pure nature and luxury are incompatible yet—at Hoyo Hoyo—we have guaranteed that you will be pampered throughout your stay. From modern air-conditioning to your ever-inviting king-size bed, to our sparkling swimming pool that promises a refreshing dip in the tranquillity of the wild, we have ensured that your wellness is our priority at all times.

Dining is an opportunity to share conversations that will be remembered for a lifetime.

At Hoyo Hoyo, we create each and every dining experience with the philosophy that food is meant to be relished in a spectacular manner. By providing us with your group’s dietary preferences, you will indulge in our meticulously selected cuisines and dishes, which highlight our local specialties and pay homage to renowned classic recipes from around the world. Soak in the magnificence of our concession and dine under the everlasting skies. After a fruitful evening out on the concession, warm yourself around the Hoyo Hoyo open-air fire and indulge in a magical three-course dinner under the stars. Good wine and good conversation flow as the enchanting sounds of the bush’s nightlife awaken after dusk.

We will always be a call away without ever being in your personal space.

In the wake of Covid-19, we have worked hard to ensure that we provide maximum service to make certain that no need goes unmet whilst safeguarding that we maintain and protect your privacy and safety. As such, our talented team has extensively familiarised themselves with our elevated Covid-19 protocols ( and will be able to provide you with the excellent service that defines what we do here at Hoyo Hoyo. We have guaranteed that your safety is prioritized at every stage of your safari experience.

One of the greatest advantages of our Exclusive Lodge Use offering is the unique chance to have a 10,000-hectare private concession within the heart of the renowned Kruger National Park all to yourself.

For almost 100 years, local and international visitors have had access to the park and enjoyed one of the world’s premier game-viewing destinations. After all, the Kruger National Park is home to an estimated 1500 lions, 12000 elephants, 2500 buffalos, 1000 leopards and remains the last refuge for our country’s white and black rhinos. “Big Five” aside, there is a myriad of other wildlife species to be admired with some 145 mammal and 500 bird species occurring in the park, including hippo, giraffe, zebra, cheetah, and wild dog, among others.

Yet, there is far more to the Kruger than meets the eye. The splendor and breadth of the Park can only be truly appreciated away from the busy tourist roads that only capture a snapshot of what exists beyond where the eyes can see.  On our private concession, located in the abundantly rich western central part of the Park, you have 10,000 hectares of pristine wilderness to explore at your leisure.

Accompanied by your private guides, with a maximum of six guests per vehicle, you will have a once in a lifetime opportunity to call a gem of South Africa’s heritage your own playground.

Experience the inimitable thrills of off-roading inside the National Park in pursuit of the legendary “Big Seven” species that call our concession home. You will be able to schedule when you go out on safari, what you would like to see, and how long you spend at every sighting. If you would like the unrivalled experience of discovering the magnificent Kruger National Park on foot, or would like to spend time focusing on the smaller things out in the bush, our guiding team will be on hand to ensure that we provide you with an unforgettable wildlife experience.

Experience the African Bush On Your Own Terms and at Your Own Leisure

At Hoyo Hoyo, it has always been our philosophy that our guests should experience the wonders of the African bush on their own terms. Our Exclusive Lodge Use offer aims to facilitate your reconnection, not only with the natural world but also, with your loved ones in a setting that you can trust. We strive to be your authentic haven that provides an intimate, tailored experience meant to be shared amongst your trusted circle in an unparalleled setting.