Lion around…sightings during an Extraordinary visit.

Seeing that these three camps (Imbali Safari Lodge, Hoyo Hoyo Safari Lodge & Hamiltons Tented Camp) share the Mluwati Concession, I have combined lion sighting images taken during game drives from all the properties.

The camps are managed by this Extraordinary company!

Lions are usually active from sunset. For the majority of the daylight hours they do little or nothing, except eat (if they killed during the night) and sleep. Mating takes place during the day…

“I am keeping a close eye on you”. This young male looked rather battle scarred and beaten. There was some matted blood on his mane, which was probably from a fight with an older male. The life of a young lion is fraught with danger. Either being injured during a hunt, or when challenging the dominant male for territory.

How many kilometers has THIS paw padded along?

I did not realize that this lioness had blonde eyelashes. That being said, she looks almost forlorn.

Good pad maintenance is important in order to make certain that each member of the pride can hunt and keep up when the patrol their territory.

“He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother”? Lions seem to enjoy close contact, but this seems to be taking it one step too far.

The business end of this predator. Licking his lips in anticipation of what the night might bring?’

This older male had moved into the area but was not being accepted by the incumbent pride. It looks as if he has been on the receiving end of interactions with one of large females. Not being accepted means that he will have to fend for himself or move on to another area where he might be more welcome.

This is the lioness that might have inflicted the damage. Positioned not too far away, she was on high alert.

With this lighting, it is easy to see how a lioness can become almost invisible in the tall dry grass.

Even though I was focused on lions, this flock of Guinea Fowl, scratching in elephant dung caught the attention of my lens.

An early afternoon yoga class?

“Mmmm, I feel MUCH more relaxed”

Sunset… And the lions, both male and female, disappeared into the darkness.

On the way back to camp we came upon these two males.

Lying close together they might well have been preparing to head off to hunt.

My final sighting… Lions are truly magnificent creatures and well deserving of the title; “King of the jungle” My thanks to all the rangers involved in getting us to these amazing sightings.

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